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Biddulph Country Park Hydro Scheme.

The Mayor open's hydro scheme

A small 3kW hydro scheme has been funded by nPower's green customers in North Staffordshire. It supplys power for a visitors centre in Biddulph Country Park. The grant allowed the restoration of a small scale hydro-electric plant originally installed at the beginning of the century. Part of the aim is educational with public access to the turbine house and a perspex viewing screen.

nPower's Director for Social Responsibilty, Phil Kear, launching the community hydro project with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council explains: " We think it's quite important that people ,particularly on a community basis, see practical applications of power and power generation because they can come and say ah I see how it works. I understand what renewable means now.We think there's a big customer awareness and educational process as a result of doing these things in the local community"

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