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A school child learning about solar energy.

School projects around the UK have sought to raise awareness of renewable energy issues.

The UK Government provided £1 million funding through the DTI's Foresight 'Scolar' photovoltaic programme to promote green energy technology to young people in practical ways. It brings full - scale solar electricity to schools throughout the UK. It provides students with hands-on experience of leading edge solar energy technology linked to computers to monitor the energy gained.

"Young people will opt for careers in engineering if they understand the part it can play in securing a fairer, greener, richer Britain" said the UK Energy Minister launching
the scheme.

This initiative in schools relates to Increasing career opportunities. "One of the things we have tried to do" said the Mininster "is to encourage young people to learn how energy will be generated in this new century so that they can start to look at the new sciences and indeed the new industries that they will work in and develop".

New employment opportunities are opening up for young people in the Sustainable energy technology field in the UK . There is a new more positive attitude to science and technology being engendered by the advent of these Technologies. The current generation of school leavers are very keen to get into 'green' careers.

Cathy Hough is a recent graduate working for an environmental consultancy - "It really is a young person's industry and it's an industry for both men and women. I think it's really important that women are Not put off going into this area because of The whole engineering background. We Need more women in engineering. So go for it!"

Cornwall County Council has converted the first school in the country to be heated and cooled by geothermal energy. Durham County Council has converted one of its schools to run almost exclusively by wind power.

There are many undergraduate degree courses at British Universities which include renewable energy as well as energy management and environmental technology. Dr. David Infield is Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy System Technology at Loughborough University - "There are sufficient jobs out there now to lap up all our graduates and more."

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