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A solar house.

Six local authorities and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive have been awarded a grant of £4 million from the DTI to undertake photovoltaic(PV) field trials for social housing.
  • South Ayrshire Council - 30 sheltered houses to be fitted with PV panels.

  • Cardiff County Council - 15 properties to have PV installed as part of refurbishment of social housing.

  • Newcastle City Council - south facing roofs of social housing to be refurbished.

  • Wansbech District Council - 10 BP Solar 'Sun in a Box' PV roofing systems to be fitted during refurbishment of Council owned flats.

  • Nottingham City Council - 93 square metres of PV Panels to be installed in Council flats along with energy efficiency measures.

  • Guildford Borough Council - PV to be Integrated into 11 new build social housing Units. The homes will also be used to educate visitors on sustainability before occupation.

  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive - 24 flats in Belfast will be fitted with PV arrays. When installed it will be the largest PV project in the UK.

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