Earthsummit 2002 - A guide to UK Local Agenda 21 renewable energy projects. Earthsummit 2002
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  UK Community Renewables.  
  A map of the UK.  

This web site has been created to report on UK Community Renewables initiatives for Earth Summit 2002. In August an Earth Summit will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. It will be 10 years since the first Earth Summit took place in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
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 Lighting up a Century old Building - thanks to greenpower.
  The Greenhouse  

The Greenhouse in Norwich's Bethel Street - which is run by the charity Greenhouse Trust - has ten solar panels mounted on the roof, enough electricity to power 20% of the daily requirement.
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 Cardinal Hinsley School, Willesden, West London.
  School Pupils from West London.  

Cardinal Hinsley School in Willesden, West London was the first school in the UK to install a solar panel system through the Government's Foresight 'Scolar' programme.
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 Leicester City Council.
  Swimmers in Leicester  

Leicester City Council has pioneered an ambitious Sustainable Energy Strategy. It aims to reduce the Cities overall energy use by half by 2025 - with Renewable energy sources playing a major role.
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 Biddulph Country Park Hydro Scheme.
  The Mayor  

A small 3kw hydro scheme has been funded by nPower's green customers in North Staffordshire. It supplys power for a visitors centre in Biddulph Country Park.
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UK renewable energy jobs.
Renewable energy is a new growth area. The UK Government is commited to getting 10% of UK electricity from renewable energy sources by 2010 and planning up to 20% by 2020. Expansion on this scale will mean the creation of a lot of new jobs.
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It's your planet.
Planet Earth.

The Earth Summit may well be a critical event for the future well-being of the Earth.
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Pollution from cooling towers.

Climate change, what is it, why's it happening and can we avoid it?
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A wind turbine.

Sustainability, we've heard this word branded about, but how do we define it in terms of renewable energy?
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Fossil fuels are history!

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