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Cardinal Hinsley School, West London, the first school in the UK to install a solar PV system.

School pupils in West London.

Cardinal Hinsley School in Willesden, West London was the first school in the UK to install a solar panel system through the Government's Foresight 'Scolar' programme. The panels are arranged into a canopy which provides enough electricity for a suite of computers in the school's science block.

The photovoltaic solar cells are linked up to computers to monitor the energy gained. This Internet-based education and monitoring package is an integral part of the programme and will help school children get familiar with the technology of the future.

Many other schools around the country subsequently joined in the Scolar scheme and fitted photovoltaic (PV) systems to make electricity from the sun. These projects act as demonstration sites for PV technology and together with teaching aids …serve to stimulate interest in solar energy in their communities.
Schools participating in the Scolar programme contribute approximately one third of the cost of the system - typically £4000.

The programme was a collaboration between Government and British expertise in solar electricity from industries and universities, managed by the Intersolar Group. It was set up in 1996 with £1million from the Government's Technology Foresight Energy Challenge Fund.

The Scolar Programme was the first major government-supported initiative to bring full-scale solar electricity to schools and colleges throughout the UK.
PV technology is increasingly valued around the world because it is a non-polluting method of electricity generation.

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