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Its your planet. Planet Earth. 

This summer Earth Summit 2002 is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ten years on from the first Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, there is now a heightened sense that problems are 'global' and that we live in a small independent world.

The Rio Earth Summit produced an agenda for action for the 21st century - Agenda 21. Organisations around the world were invited to join in a process of 'thinking globally and acting locally'.

Agenda 21 projects have sprung up in many countries and local councils and community groups in Britain have been very active.

Local Agenda 21 covers a very wide range of issues and ideas but on this web site we focus on what might be thought of as a key area - energy. In particular we look at projects using natural renewable sources of energy such as sunlight, and wind.

The UK has enviable renewable energy resources and some of them have been tapped on a local, small - scale basis. This web site showcases some of the sustainable energy projects
and plans that have emerged.

This is the first post - Internet summit. In 1992 there were only 50 sites on the World Wide Web. Today there are more than 350 million. More people have the opportunity to participate - not only in how the future affects them but how they can affect the future.

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