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Extracts from NATTA's journal
, issue 148 March-April 2004

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1. Innovation Review- Beyond wind
2. Marine Energy Challenge
3. 35,000 jobs by 2020 ..but UKERC is delayed
4. Security of Supply…BBC turns the lights off
5. Government pushes ahead with renewables and carbon trading
6. Wind costs and benefits
7. ‘No’ to the Severn Barrage
8. Stalling on Micro-CHP and VAT
9. Mini-Hydo project blocked, Biofuels still pushed
10. Europe Roundup: Germany gets it right
11. World Roundup: wave power hits US, 100% renewable Japan
12. Nuclear News: Waste haunts Italy, who will get ITER?

9. Mini-Hydo project blocked

The £6m 3.55 MW mini hydro project planned by Highland Light and Power for  Shieldaig/Slattadale (see Renew 148) has been rejected by Scottish Executive.  Highland Light and Powers project director Jock Robertson said he was ‘very disappointed that the Scottish Executive has seen fit to overrule the expressed desire of the local community and the Highland Council’  He added ‘It is particularly saddening that the decision seems to have been taken without any kind of precedent, and that the Executive has decided that the opinions of the environmental lobby and non-elected quangos were of  greater importance than the needs and desires of the local community and democratically elected council’.

He felt that this could have‘serious implications for the development of similar schemes in the future’ and wondered what the implications were for the Executive’s target of  generating 40% of Scotlands electricity from renewable sources by 2020.  He concluded that the people of the highlands deserved  to be heard: ‘If the Executive continues to ignore them, and the council that represents them, the Highlands will no longer be a place for sustainable communities to thrive: it will become nothing more than a playground for the leisured elite’. 

Biofuels push

In Feb. Lord Carter, who is a vice-chairman of BABFO, the British Association for Biofuels & Oils. & Oils, tried to introduce an amendment to the Energy Bill calling for a ‘renewable transport fuel obligation’ on fuel suppliers,  requiring them to sell 1% of biofuels  in 2006 increasing  by 1% p.a.  until  2010.  More in Renew 150.

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