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Extracts from NATTA's journal
, issue 151 Sept-Oct 2004

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1.Wind power- problems  offshore, new co-op

2.Photovoltaic solar - mandatory soon?

3.Funding Wave & Tidal Energy- £50m more

4. Biomass Heat Gap- RCEP report

5. Hydrogen Arrives- on the farm

6. New Energy Policy ? Yes please!

7. UK Energy Research Centre- soon

8.UK Government policy news- Energy Bill Passes but targets cut

9. European news- Bonn was good, Denmark gets better

10. US News- Local wind problems, hydrogen plans

11 Other International news- 40GW of wind now in place.... 

12.   Nuclear news'EU needs nuclear'

1.            Wind power

Offshore wind and Shipping

Offshore wind farms are being built too close to busy shipping lanes, with there therefore being a risk of collision, according to the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport, which claimed that the Government has failed to heed warnings from the shipping industry when deciding on the location of wind farms.


2.            Photovoltaic solar

Mandatory PV for all new homes ?

Solar photovoltaics should be mandatory for every new home according to Peter Hain, the secretary for Wales and one time energy minister. At the opening of the new Sharp PV solar cell manufacturing plant in Wrexham, Clwyd, he said


3. Funding Wave & Tidal Energy

The British Wind Energy Association, which these days is also promoting wave and tidal current technology, has called for government action to create a UK wave and tidal power industry.  Its new report ‘Into the Blue: Financing the Future of the Emerging Wave and Tidal Power Sector’, produced by Climate Change Capital,


4. Biomass Heat Gap

In its major new report ‘Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source’, the influential Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) claims that heat from biomass is the ‘missing link in Renewables policy’  and that so far government policy has not succeeded in developing this resource.  In its earlier report ‘Energy- the Changing Climate’, which called for a 60% cut in greenhouse gas emissions



5. Hydrogen Arrives

Renewable hydrogen production, storage and use in fuel cells is being pioneered at West Beacon Farm in Leicestershire- where Tony Marmont has already installed a range of renewable energy projects, which meet the needs of the site


6. New Energy Policy ?

A special issue of the influential Energy Policy journal (Vol. 37:No. 17) on ‘Energy policy for a sustainable future’, edited by Catherine Mitchell from Warwick University, includes reactions to the 2003 Energy White Paper,


7. UK Energy Research Centre

Following the production of a new proposal for the £12m UK Energy Research Centre, put together by Prof. Jim Skea, the Centre now looks set to start work.


8.UK Government policy news

Energy Bill Passes

The governments Energy Bill, now passed, provides the legislative backup for many of the policies outlined in the Energy White Paper, including the establishment of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.


9. European news

Bonn was good

The International Conference for Renewable Energies,  held June in Bonn, was major conference of governments, sponsored by the German government. It went very well- far better than the Earth Summit at Jo’burg in 2002.


10. US News

Wind in the USA  

While in the UK the RAF and MoD seem unhappy with wind farms, in the USA  Fairchild Air Force Base  is to buy 99% of its electricity from wind turbines. It will purchase 7.5 MW from the Bonneville Power Administration, of which 17% will come from local turbines and the rest via  Renewable Energy Certificates.


11 Other International news

40GW of wind.... 

More than 8GW of new wind energy generating capacity was installed around the world in 2003, increasing the total wind capacity to 39.294 GW


12.  Nuclear news

Gaian Nukes

James Lovelocks call for a return to nuclear power as a way to deal with climate change (see Renew 150) created quite  a stir.


13. In the rest of Renew 151

The Feature in Renew 151 looks at why tidal current technology has been so longer in arriving . The Reviews  includes a  detail look  at the new Renewables Innovation Review and also looks at the Greenpeace SEA Wind report  and  Paul Gipes new wind power book. The Technology section looks at the potential  impacts of marine renewables, the (slow) growth of decentral energy and  at alternatives to conventional air transport. The Groups section looks at range  of local renewables initiatives, including the latest batch of PV projects, and  at OPTs views on why renewables wont help us cope with population problems. The editorial is on consumer power and there is a report on the Bonn  Renewables Conference in the Forum section

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