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1. A new UK Climate Plan

2. Green Heat and Biofuels

3. Local support for Tidal power

4. Wind rush- and wind problems

5. Micro power push: PV and micro-CHP

6. Clean-coal ‘better than wind’

7. Industrial ups and downs

8. Grid Connection Charges

9. £80m for Innovation

10. Efficiency Drives

11. World news: Kyoto goes live

12. World Renewables Round up

13. Nuclear Power- more or less?

3. Local support for Tidal

Following the successful £3.4 m offshore tidal turbine test project off the coast from Lynmouth in N. Devon, Martin Wright, the managing director of Marine Current Turbines (MCT), talking at at public meeting on future plans in Lynmouth in November,  indicated that the second stage of their Seaflow project will be a £6m turbine connected to the national grid, possibly in the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland, although MCT’s technical director Peter Fraenkel said no firm decisions had been made about future sites for the project: “We are very grateful for the very positive response from Lynmton and Lynmouth. We are used to working there and Lynmouth could well be the site for one of the next phases.” 

It seems that local people were keen to have it. Mayor Cllr Christine Bowden said: “As a community that has enjoyed using energy power from rivers in the past we would welcome using power from the sea. Most people are in favour of renewable energy and this would be a perfect example of it.”

North Devon MP Nick Harvey said: “They don’t think Lynmouth would be the right place for the next stage of the development. They say the marine environment is very exposed and rough for the amount of work they would need to do.  But the fact this stretch of coast is one of the four or five best spots in the UK means they have the sincere intention of developing a farm here when the technology is ready. It is very good news and very useful from North Devon’s point of view. We don’t want enormous wind turbines on the land, so people are really prepared to embrace this.”  

Green Party parliamentary candidate, Ricky Knight, said: “This is an exciting additional raft to the package of renewable sources needed to supply our energy needs in to the future, sustainably, cleanly and unobtrusively. In the South West we have a rich maritime history, and offshore energy could provide skilled local jobs within the next decade.”   

Source: Weston Morning News

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