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Renew, Issue 161 May-June2006
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6. Where the money goes..

In a series of responses to Parliamentary Question last Dec, Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks reported on funding allocations to various DTI programmes.

Clear Skies Programme:

2003 £200,722

2004 £1,386,556

2005 £1,977,599

Low Carbon Building Programme:

A £30m funding package has been announced for the replacement Low Carbon Building Programme, and £1.5m of this has been brought forward to extend the Clear Skies and PV programmes. £28.5m will be spent over three years on the LCB programme, which started in April 2006. He added that under the Clear skies programme 71 schools have been offered grant funding totalling £1,152,596, an average of £16,234 per school.

On the Bio-energy Capital Grants scheme, he said that the following capital grants had been awarded:

Company Project MW Grant (£ m)

E.on (Powergen) Lockerbie 43 18

Sembcorp/Wilton Teesside 31.5 11.9

Peninsula Power WINBEG 23 11.5

On hydro-power he noted DTI expenditure was:

1996-97 £142,000

1997-98 £57,000

1998-99 £80,000

1999-2000 £138,000

2000-01 £60,000

2001-02 £130,000

2002-03 £200,000

2003-04 £85,000

2004-05 0

He added that there had also been sums allocated to Community and Household projects through the “Clear Skies” scheme. Grants have been allocated for hydro projects totalling;

  • 2003-04 £67,000,
  • 2004-05 £187,955
  • 2005-06 £95,880.

On Clean Coal he noted that since 1999 the DTI had provided £13m to the Cleaner Coal Technology Programme plus an extra £3.5m for collaborative Cleaner Coal Technology projects with the USA. The DTI also provided £4m for new technologies in the first call for projects in 2005-06 in its Carbon Abatement Technology (CAT) Programme. £35m has also made available for CAT’s, including the £10m in the pre-Budget speech, for demonstration projects which involve carbon capture and storage.

Capital grants for offshore wind farms

  • 2004-05 North Hoyle National Wind Power £7.5m
  • 2004-05 Scroby Sands EON UK £7.5m
  • 2005-06 Kentish Flats Kentish Flats Ltd. £8.7m
  • 2005-06 Barrow Offshore Centrica and Dong A/S £6.5m
  • 2005-06 North Hoyle NWP £2.3m
  • 2005-06 Scroby Sands EON UK £2.2m

Total £34.7m Wicks PQ Jan 23rd 2006

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