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Renew, Issue 168 July-Aug 2007
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1. Energy White Paper - and Planning White paper

2. LCBP Household Woes- micropower issues

3. Wave & tidal projects - and the Marine Bill

4. Budget and Climate Bill Reactions

5. Biofuel progress- ban them?

6. The Greening of Brown- and Hain

7. BG goes beyond gas

8. World developments- IPCC latest

9. Around the EU- Dutch, Danes,talians Germans all at it

10. US news -New US plans

11. Nuclear Developments -Australia, China, UK

1. Energy White Paper: a long time coming

The Governments White Paper on Energy finally emerged in late May. Basically it called for more renewables, more energy saving and consideration of nuclear; see Box below for a summary, and then further below for details...

2. LCBP Woes

The Household ‘micropower’ scheme within the Low Carbon Building Programme has certainly got off to a bad start. The temporary suspension of the scheme while it was re-vamped, certainly didn’t help. But some progress has been made...

3. Wave & tidal projects
Slow Ahead Both

Secretary of State for Trade & Industry Alistair Darling was pressed in the Commons recently on progress with the DTIs £50m marine renewables deployment fund, which was established last year to assist the continued development of wave/tidal stream energy technologies...

4. Budget and Climate Bill Reactions

The 2007 Budget was not received with unalloyed enthusiasm. The announcement that Ofgem, the regulator, would ‘examine how green homes can benefit more from the prices paid when they become not just sources of clean energy for themselves, but sell it back...

5. Biofuel progress

There should be a 5 year freeze on biofuels for vehicles until new more efficient second generation fuel crops are ready, according to George Monbiot writing in the Guardian March 26th: he claims that biodiesel from imported palm oil causes ‘10 times as much climate

6. The Greening of Brown?

In his speech to the Green Alliance conference last March, which co-incided with the launch of the governments Climate Bill (see Renew 167), and prefigured his 2007 budget, Gordon Brown spelt out his ideas for cutting emissions: ‘In the last Pre-Budget...

7. BG goes green

British Gas has moved seriously into the green power field at various levels. Sam Laidlaw, chief executive of its parent Centrica, told Reuters ‘we see rising demand for energy efficiency and green power as a real ...

8. World developments

Climate IPCC latest

The second part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s fourth report, on ‘Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability' emerged in April. There were claims that the final version, as agreed by political representatives, had been watered down, but IPCC denied this...

9. Around the EU

New Danish plan- 30% by 2025

The Danish government plans to double the use of renewables within 18 years, while reducing the use of fossil fuels by 15%. ‘We must reduce Denmark’s dependency on fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, in the long term’, said prime minister Rasmussen. ..

10. US news

New US plan

Over 150 organizations and businesses from 38 states have endorsed the ‘Sustainable Energy Blueprint’ for the USA, a policy document developed by member groups of the Sustainable Energy Coalition as ‘a plausible strategy and timeframe for rapidly expanding the use of energy efficient and renewable....

11. Nuclear Developments

Australian Objections

The Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy has criticised the claim in the Australian Federal governments Nuclear Review (see Renew 167) that the cost of nuclear in 2020 is comparable with other energy technologies,...

12. In the rest of Renew 168

Our Feature looks at wave and tidal power, and there is more on that expanding area in our Technology section. .The Technology section also includes a lot of material on ways to balance intermittency - e.g via energy storage and the use of CHP. The Reviews section includes coverage of the IPCC latest Climate studies , a new book on Energy Futures, and developments in central and eastern Europe . The Groups section includes an update on the Woking energy programme and details of the Londons plans , as well as other green town and village plans. Not forgetting Milton Keynes- now 40 years old! There's also a bitter editorial ( 'Ban Everything') and a lively Forum section - including a plea to 'Save the Sun'!

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