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Renew, Issue 170 Nov-Dec 2007
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1. Dodging the EU Target: or room to grow?

2. Scottish green power cut off? or growing with the Marine Obligation

3. SCD on Tidal Barrage: 4.4%, or 25% from tidal current power?

4. Renewables progress: 4.6% but could be much more with a UK REFIT?

5. The Nuclear decision: wind a better bet? New Energy Bill

6. CAT s Zero carbon plan: 474TWh or wind by 2027!

7. Energy and Climate Policy: Carbon tax messes

8. EU News: New German plan

9. Global News: Biofuels v Food

10. Nuclear News: UK problems

11. In the rest of Renew 170


1. Dodging the EU Target

Environmental groups and the renewables industry reacted angrily to the suggestion in an internal government briefing paper, leaked by the Guardian...

2. Scottish green power to be cut off?

Ofgem, the energy regulator, wants to impose higher geographically-based cost reflective charges on remote power generators, like those in the Scottish Isles...

3. SDC on Tidal Barrage

The Sustainable Development Commission has been reviewing tidal energy options for the UK, and has come out in favour of the Severn Tidal Barrage...

4. Renewables progress

UK Renewables reach 4.6%

The governments regular Energy Trends survey earlier this year included a special feature on Renewable energy in 2006 which reported that...

5. The Nuclear decision

With the new nuclear consultation exercise now over, we await the governments decision on the proposed expansion of nuclear power...

6. CAT s Zero carbon plan

In 1977, the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales produced the UK s first Alternative Energy Strategy , which had a big impact at the time, and still looks impressive...

7. Energy and Climate Policy

Tory and Lib Dem Green plans

The Lib Dems plan for a carbon-neutral, non-nuclear Britain by 2050, is out. So is the Tories Quality of Life review: it calls for new green taxes and backs renewables...

8 EU News

EU Green Energy Jobs

When the European Council set energy targets for 2020 earlier this spring, it was suggested that greening of the energy sector would create 650,000 jobs...

9. Global News

World Energy use rises

This years BP Annual Statistical Review of World Energy was pretty sobering. Over the last year, overall fossil fuel consumption continued to grow, at 2.4% p.a. Although total consumption of fossil fuels dropped in most major developed countries, including in the USA, Japan, UK and Italy...

10. Nuclear problems

Although the UK Energy White Paper (EWP) claims that nuclear plants could be economic (see below), Greenpeace International has produced a ...

11. In the rest of Renew 170

Microgeneration may have got off to a bad start, and some see the idea as flawed, urban micro-wind turbines especially. However new, hopefully...

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