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Renew, Issue 174 July-Aug 2008
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1. Policy developments- 15% 2020 target, go for FIT’s?  

2. Wind power- growing, but Shell out, Lewis blocked

3. Marine Renewables – tidal turbines power up

4. Policy debates- UK ducking it?

5. Regional policy- Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland 

6. EU Developments- EU plan views, Ireland unites

7. Green energy round the world- wind and PV boom

8. Nuclear news- reprocessing waste still an option?

1. Policy developments

 New Consultation on the 15% target

The governments consultation paper on its proposals for how to meet the target of obtaining 15% of UK energy from renewables by 2020, as required by the new EU plan, was about to emerge as we went to press.


Shell Exits

Shell has withdrawn its 33% stake in the consortium behind the £2bn flagship London Array 1GW offshore wind farm proposed for the Thames Estuary.

3. Marine Renewables

Tidal power up

The report from the Governments Renewables Advisory Board (RAB), may have said that progress on wave and tidal current power has been slower than hoped

4. Policy debates

UK Duck Targets?

To meet the new ‘15% by 2020’ renewable energy targets proposed for the UK by the EU, ‘projects outside the EU should be considered’, according to Business Minister Lady Vadera,

5. Regional policy

Scotland’s max out

Scotland could produce ten times as much electricity from renewables as the country needs, First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed.

6. EU Developments

EU plan reactions

The European Commissions new Renewables Directive (see Features, Groups and Reviews in Renew 174 for details) produced a lot of reactions, mostly favourable. Some countries complained about the hard targets

7. Green energy around the world

Green CapitalVenture capital  investment in renewables  reached $3.4 bn in 2007- 50% up on 2006, says Green Tech Media Inc. Investment in solar was more than $1.05 bn

8. Nuclear news

Back to the Nuclear Future

With a new nuclear programme now on the cards in the UK, and Gordon Brown confirming Huttons view that we should think in terms of more than just a replacement for existing plants,

9. In the rest of Renew 174

Our Feature looks at the prospects for microgeneration, and includes a report on some field trials.  There is detailed coverage of the new EU energy plan in our Features, Reviews and Groups sections. Our Technology section includes coverage of some new solar and marine renewable developments and the Claverton Energy Groups overview on energy options. Our Reviews include detailed coverage on the new UK Nulcear White paper, while our Editorial argues that we don’t need nuclear.

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