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1. Intermittency- not a big issue?

2. Marine renewables- tidal and wave progress

3. Wind power- problems and successes

4. The Energy Review- UK split on nuclear power

5. NFFO fund raided – Treasury helps itself

6. Microgen for all – micro CHP in action

7. LCBP gets £30m  - Skills gap? 

8. UK roundup – local wind and solar projects

9. Global Developments - Clinton Global Initiative

10. Europe - France, Spain, Portugal, Germany

11. Around the World - USA, Canada, China

12. Nuclear News- Chernobyl revisited, US Safety

8.UK roundup 

*Solarcentury, the PV installer, was ranked as the 25th fastest-growing UK technology company, with a 113% increase in sales, according to the Sunday Times.

* Irelands Airtricity is investing heavily in UK wind projects- it’s appointed former energy minister Brian Wilson to head its UK wing. It may invest £800m in windfarms in Scotland over the next five years & is developing £800m of projects in England, Wales & offshore at Greater Gabbard in the outer Thames Estuary. And as noted earliet, it also wants to build a 10GW windfarm  network in the North Sea.

* The BOC Foundation is to provide funding to Hydrogen Solar Ltd to develop & demonstrate hydrogen production using the ‘Tandem Cell’ array at Beacon Energy in Leicestershire. IHSL will install a 100 sq metre array of Tandem Cells, and will demonstrate the array over a six-month period. The hydrogen will be used in fuel cell applications, to provide electricity for recharging electric vehicles, and for heat and power for various buildings.

* German utility E.ON is to invest Euro 130m to build the largest biomass power station  in the UK, at Lockerbie in Scotland. The 44 MW facility would, it is claimed, provide power to 70,000 homes when commissioned in 2007. E.ON operates 6GW of wind, hydro and biomass stations in Europe, 10% of its total power capacity.

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BP backs wind

BP plans to double its investment in renewable and low-carbon energy technology, allocating some $1.8 billion over the next three years, including wind projects, via a new business unit, BP Alternative Energy, based at Sunbury in Surrey.

Green boom

A survey by the Co-op Bank found that in 2004 sales of energy-efficient appliances went up by 23%, while spending on micro wind & PV solar rose threefold, to £23m. Two-thirds of those asked  considered environmental impact when making purchasing decisions, up from 55% in 2003. 10% said they used public transport for environmental reasons.  Each household spent an average of £140 on energy-efficient appliances, PV solar, mini-wind & public transport- about £3.4bn in total, up 21% on 2003.

Solar grants

In addition to news of the LCBP funding, details emerged of the latest round of 15   grants, worth £1m in all, under the solar scheme.   Winners included the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts .

Saving delay..

The full implementation of the UKs response to the EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive, which is now in force, will be delayed since there are still not enough skilled building inspectors for the monitoring and measuring in buildings it requires. The Minister, Evette Cooper, pointed out that ‘there is a three year derogation period within the directive to apply fully the requirements for energy performance certificates and plant inspection’ and the government ‘proposed to use this derogation and work with stakeholders to muster a cadre of inspectors to support a phased programme of implementation’.

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