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1. Energy Review EAC Review, FoE Scenarios

2. BWEA on offshore wind wind ups and downs

3. Wave & Tidal Power in Scotland and Wales

4. Reactions to the Budget...and the Climate Review

5. Greening London.. but not Devon

6. Energy Statistics RO grows

7. Coal to come back cleaner? Clean coal

8. Building Battles Building regs and codes

9. Policy moves. Tory greening, UKERC query

10. Stern Climate Views doom ahead?

11. Fuel Cells R&D slow progress

12. EU News Wind and biofuels grow

13. US News Wind battles, Bushes plan

14. World News Divisive Climate Pact?

15. Nuclear News US reprocessing

1. Energy Review

With Tony Blair raising the stakes by claiming, at a CBI conference in May that nuclear power was 'back on the agenda with a vengeance', the results of the governments Energy Review, expected in July, are eagerly awaited. Blair did also mention the need to support renewables and efficiency and added 'if we don’t take these long-term decisions now we will be...

2. BWEA on offshore wind

The British Wind Energy Association, together with Renewables East, the renewable energy agency for the East of England, has released new research which suggests that there could be 8GW of offshore wind capacity installed by 2015, supplying 6% of UK power needs, if there was a suitable new policy impetus. It would require around £10bn investment and would prevent the emissions of up to 20 million tonnes of CO2. However, they say that, without additional Government ...

3. Wave & Tidal Power

Taking a first hand look at wave power progress, Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks recently visited Ocean Power Delivery's new production line for the Pelamis wave device at the Fife Energy Park, Methil, where OPD were assembling Power Conversion Modules for export to Portugal, in what will be the world’s first wave farm. The modules were originally ...

4. Reactions to the Budget...

Gordon Browns' Budget back in March created quite a stir- with some lamenting its limits. Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for SE England, commented: ‘Given that we’re facing a climate catastrophe, Brown is trying to put out a forest fire with a bucket of water’. But others were happier. David King, the government’s chief scientist, hailed the proposed new National Institute for Energy Technologies as ‘the biggest leap forward for energy research in the UK for the last 20 years’...

5. Greening London

Powering London into the 21st century, a new report from PB Power, for Greenpeace and the Mayor of London, claims that decentralising London’s energy would be more efficient in cutting the city’s CO2 emissions, and the demand for imported gas, as opposed to pursuing a centralised nuclear power focused national energy policy. Greenpeace says, the report provides ‘a practical blueprint for shifting London’s energy away from dependence on centralised production, which wastes...

6. Energy Statistics

The DTI’s latest Energy Trends report says that total UK inland consumption on a primary fuel input basis was 237.8 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2005, 0.4% lower than in 2004. Gas use fell by 4%, but coal and other solid fuel consumption rose by 1.5% and oil consumption increased by 2.5%, while primary electricity use (mainly nuclear) rose by 2.1%. Interestingly, although indigenous coal production (including an estimate for slurry) was 17.8 % down on production in...

7. Coal to come back cleaner?

Malcolm Wicks, the energy minister, has suggested that the coal from British mines should be used in new power stations to test ‘clean coal’ and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. ‘I would like to see one or two major developments in Britain using British coal plus clean coal technology’. The UK still gets around 33% of its electricity from coal (and actually more recently, since the price of gas went up), but most of this is imported, although there are opencast sites and some...

8. Building Battles

The Government, under pressure to cut the time for the building industry to comply with new building regulations, has cut it from the usual maximum of three years to 12 months. All new buildings must comply with the new Part L of the regs. which they claim will increase the energy efficiency of new buildings by 20%. They add that ‘taking account of changes already made in 2002, energy efficiency standards will have been raised 40% over four years’ and say that the regs. had...

9. Policy moves

A Renewable Energy Authority?

Dr. Desmond Turner, Labour MP for Brighton, Kemptown, has been promoting a Bill aimed at establishing a Renewable Energy Authority (REA) to promote the use of renewable energy and energy conservation. He claims that energy savings of 40%. by 2020 and renewable deployment of more than 20% by 2020 are both achievable, given the right policy framework. He says the REA ‘would drive the renewables option as effectively as the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority drove...

10. Stern Climate Views

A discussion paper on the UK Treasury's review of the economics of climate change, which is being carried out under Sir Nicholas Stern, says that ‘we will have to go far beyond the actions currently agreed if we are to stabilise greenhouse gasses at any acceptable level’ but claims that “The private sector will respond if the government sets clear, long-term and...

11. Fuel Cells R&D

In answer to Parliamentary Question on 9 Feb, Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks reported on progress so far on UK fuel cell research.
He noted that the DTI had commissioned two reports in 2004: “Hydrogen Energy Support in the UK” and “A Strategic...

12. EU News

REFIT wins- for now

The European Commission has given up its attempt to impose a ‘harmonised’ support system for renewables across the EU, as part of the drive to a single EU electricity market- at least for the moment. It would it says be ‘premature’ and that competing national schemes ‘can be healthy in a transitional period, as more experience needs to be gained.’ Although the...

13. US News

US Wind battles

There is as much potential for offshore wind- 900 GW- off U.S. coasts, as the current capacity of all power plants in the USA combined, according to a report by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and General Electric, ‘A Framework for Offshore Wind Energy Development in the US’...

14. World News

Asia-Pacific pact

The members of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate Change- Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and the USA- met in Sydney in January, to discuss collaboration on ‘energy efficiency, clean coal, liquefied natural gas, carbon capture and storage, methane capture and use, civilian nuclear power, rural and village energy...

15 Nuclear News

Reprocessing in the USA

The US Congress has voted $50m to the Dept. of Energy to explore nuclear fuel reprocessing (see Renew 161). The original rationale for reprocessing was to extract plutonium for nuclear weapons and also for possible use in Fast Breeder reactors, but President Carter, who was worried about the proliferation problems, backed off the latter in the 1970’s. Part of the new...

16. In the rest of Renew 162

The Feature looks at various submissions to the Energy Review - from the Sustainable Development Commission, REA, Green Alliance, SERA, and the OU EEU- and at the TPA new Intermittency report. The Technology section looks at the Magenn Air Rotor-flying wind turbine, OTEC and small wind. The Reviews section looks at the Carbon Trusts damning report on micro-CHP and its slighty less pessimistic views on wave and tidal power The Groups section looks public attitudes to energy, the DTI 'top projects' list , and the new Sustainable Energy Alliance. There is also an editorial on the energy review and a lively Forum section, on nuclear issues

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