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Renew, Issue 167 May-June 2007
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1. UK-2GW of wind and more
2. Energy White Paper delayed
3. Climate Bill emerges
4. £13m Scottish Marine Energy programme
5. Low Carbon Buildings Programme
6. Carbon Emissions and Offset Code
7. More RO squabbles: OFGEM opposes RO
8 UK roundup: Bio-energy
9. EU roundup
10 World roundup
11. Nuclear News

1.UK-2GW of wind

The start up of the 32 turbine 72 MW Braes O’Doune wind farm on the outskirts of Stirling in Scotland has taken the UK to more than 2GW of total wind generating capacity. Getting the UK’s second gigawatt of installed capacity took only 20 months after it reached the 1 GW mark- and getting to that

2. Judicial Review
delays Energy White Paper

The White Paper on Energy, originally expected by the end of March, has been delayed following the High Court Ruling obtained by Greenpeace (see later) on the Energy Review public consultation

3. Climate Bill emerges

The Governments new Climate Bill, announced in the Queens Speech last year, emerged in March. In addition to encoding the UK target of a 60% reduction in emissions by 2050 in law (see below) the Climate strategy paper sets out a vision for how the UK can move to a low carbon economy including

4. Pelamis for Scotland

The largest wave farm so far is to be built off coast of Orkney in 2008, using four Pelamis ‘wave snake’ devices, following on from the 2.25MW project already installed off the coast of Portugal. The £10 m 3MW scheme off Orkney, which will be run by ScottishPower offshoot CRE, will be the UK’s

5. Low Carbon Buildings Programme
Running out of go

The government certainly got itself in a bit of a bind with the grants for domestic micro-power projects, under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP)- the money for which keeps running out. In Feb., Science and Innovation Minister Malcolm Wicks commented, in answer to questions in

6. Carbon Politics: UK Emissions down?

DEFRA has announced Greenhouse gas statistics which it says show that the UK is on track to ‘almost double its Kyoto target’ of a 12.5 % cut by between 2008-2012. The final figures for 2005

7. More RO squabbles

The consultation on the future of the Renewables Obligation (RO) led to some interesting interventions from different perspectives. For example OFGEM came out against the RO (see below),

8 UK roundup

UK Bio-energy progress

Asked in Feb. about progress with the bio-energy capital grants scheme, Science and Innovation Minister Malcolm Wicks reported that, in addition to the original £66m scheme, joint-funded by DTI

9. EU roundup

New EU 20% Energy Plan

In its new plan, the European Commission called for a target of least a 20% reduction in greenhouse

10 World roundup

11. Nuclear News



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