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Energy and Environment Research Unit

EERU Outreach Work

In addition to work on OU courses, EERU supports a number of projects designed to communicate information on sustainable energy to a wider audience.

NATTA, RENEW and RENEW on-line

The Network for Alternative Technology and Technology Assessment (NATTA) is an information service based until recently within EERU. Although now independent, it continues to publish reports and its bi-monthly 30 page journal, Renew, offering subscribers the latest information on renewable energy developments and policy and it retains links with EERU.

Professor David Elliott edits RENEW, and NATTA is co-ordinated by Tam Dougan, who also deal with inquiries from the general public. Terry Cook has been involved with multi media work for NATTA.

Renew-on-line, an edited, electronic version of Renew, is made available on the EERU World Wide Web site at:

It is also made available to students in file form on the T206 course via the courses First Class computer conference.

Following on from its successful first two videos, produced in 1998 and 1999 by Terry Cook, NATTA has produced a third, on the UK Green Power market, entitled 'Greening Electricity'. This has also proved very successful, and was shown on the Sky Community Channel in June 2002. Extracts from the NATTA videos were used, in streaming video form, for the web site produced by Terry Cook for the World Summit on Sustainable Development: see, funded by the DTI.

Two new NATTA videos were produced in 2010 for youTube - see the NATTA web site below. They are on solar and wind power. A third one, on tidal power, has been produced as a DVD which is available from NATTA. See the short 'taster' version here:

In Sept 2009, Prof Elliott and Tam Dougan retired from the OU, and NATTA became independent of EERU and the OU, but they continue to produce Renew as an independent publication. However, Renew On Line will still be available via the EERU web site and to T206 students. It is also available on a new independent NATTA web site:

'New Europe New Energy' Project

The EERU 'New Europe New Energy' Project aims to help provide information and support for the adoption of renewable energy technologies in the new and candidate EU member countries in Central and Eastern Europe. It focussed first on the Baltic states, with, for example, workshops and seminars in Lithuania, and then, working with groups like REEEP. It moved, via Romania and Bulgaria, to the Balkans, most recently focussing on Croatia, Kosovo and Albania. For more information contact Terry Cook:

Page Last Updated: 24 January, 2011